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March 31, 2019

Automation of Jobs : A Threat ?

In the Era of rapid competition, companies are trying everything to reduce cost of operation. Although we can't say that this is a new phenomena as this has always been there.

Earlier most of the Jobs were done by hand, then machinery took place of many workers. Machinery made it possible for companies to increase their capacity then before with additional advantage of reduced per unit cost. The revenue of those companies also showed a great rise. 

But with the above advantages to the company, the workers faced a low down, as the work being done by them was now being done by machinery.

Now, the same issue is being faced by accounting and other back-office staff. As most of the work which is/was being looked up by them can now be done by automating the process using high end robotics and other software. 

There are many software which automatically reads the data from the files and processes them, that too at a speed which is far more superior then human capabilities.

Such software can process huge data, which reduces the number of human  required to handle the work.

Many companies are going for automation of their work and unfortunately employees of those companies are loosing their jobs. 

Having said that it is also bringing opportunities for those who are ready take the challenge of automating the process for the companies. 

Those who have technical capabilities along with good understanding of accounting concepts and can recognize the companies requirements and develop a automated process/ software/ machinery to fulfill the desired need.

What are your views on the same,  how would you deal with the current scenario ?

Ankit Kapoor

info@ebsolutionz.com / ebsolutionz@gmail.com