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August 25, 2020
CA Exams : Should it be postponed ? Your opinion matters

Requests being made by Students for Online Exams for Chartered Accountancy Course. What's you Say ? 

This blog is being made in response to a request made to us by students of ICAI. The students are requesting to postpone ICAI exams or to conduct the same online.

The request is basically to see how many students agree on point that the exams should be conducted online or should be postponed.

There are multiple factors which needs to be considered. We will be haring the points put forward by students requesting for online exams. But there may be many students who might disagree with the postponement of exams as they might have taken leaves from office for their exams, they will need to take leaves again if the exams are postponed again. 

Their preparation will be effected, they will need to revisit their preparation and consider which amendment they need to consider which they need not.

ICAI cancelled the May'2020 examination and merged it with Nov'2020 exam considering safety and lockdown in various state with impression that situation will improve in near future. But Has it really improved? We need to consider, Daily number of cases being recorded, recovery rate, no of test being done.

Since the time decision was made by ICAI, there has been increase in number of cases being recorded forcing many states to go for weekend lockdown even during "unlock phase" being going around.

Considering these factors Nov'20 exams might cause difficulties for not only students but also for examiners, invigilators and school administration conducting exams.

CA students are under great pressure during examination period, they have given a potential amount of time to study for exams, so if the exams are postponed they will have to revisit the same pressure again.

To avoid such hardship for students and to avoid deferment of examination, ICAI should consider option for online examination.

Many institutional bodies have already started considering online examination or have even started their preparation for conducting online examination.

Such institutes are considering for conduction exams remote based computer centers or from home based computer techniques.

Is ICAI resisting to change from its normal procedure, when at this time many organisation are completely shifted to work from home mode due avoid spread of Virus, should ICAI also try shifting from normal mode of examination to online mode. Or if problem persists should they again postpone exams ?

Please give your views on the topic in comment section below.

Please note the claims in the article are not vouched by Edubiz Solutionz. Please go through various details before considering the information to be true. We at Edubiz Solutionz are posting this blog on request received for the same, and the information is provided to us by students.

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So, please comment below what do you want, Do you want exams to be held as scheduled or want them to be postponed or want them to be held as scheduled but in online pattern.