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January 06, 2019
How to add your Course after registration
Now when you have registered with the website, next step is to start making video lectures. The various techniques that could be used to make online lectures have been explained in the blog "How to make Video Lectures" , you may visit the blog and see the content and the video to know about the same.

Next step after making you video lectures and preparing your course is adding your course to the website. We at wwww.Ebsolutionz.com have made an video for you, so as to make it easy for you to upload your course.  Please see the below video to know the complete process of adding you course to the website. 


Hope this video made you aware about the process of adding your course to website, but if still there are some issues which arises or if you need some assistance feel free to contact me per undersigned information.

Thanks & Regards
Ankit Kapoor