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December 15, 2018
How to Make Video Classes

How to Make Video Classes

I have received multiple requests from tutors and instructors who are interested on how to make online videos.

Reason for his is that most of the persons do not have the knowledge of what requirements are and what technology can be used.

Therefore, I am here to help you guys in how to make the videos. So let's get started.

Some of the basic requirements includes

A Microphone

Its not necessary that you use an expensive microphone, which may costs you thousands of Rs. You can also go for a cheaper alternatives.

Though you can record your voice using your phone's headphone/earphones, but the quality would definitely be better if you can invest around Rs 400-500 in buying a microphones. These are easily available on E-commerce websites.


Next requirement is of a camera. Here again we do-not force you to use an expensive camera. You can also record using your mobile camera.

Screen-Recording Software

A screen Recording software allows you to record the screen of your computer/ Laptop/ Mobile.

There are many software in the market which allows you to do the same. Some of them are free while others are paid.

Some examples are:-

  • Screen-O-matic,
  • Camtasia,
  • Screenflow, and
  • Quicktime player.

A Tripod

A tripod to mount your camera or mobile phone to, so that you can record yourself easily. Tripod provides stability in recording as it does avoids the shakes.

A White-board/ Black-board/ Green-board/ Glass-board

Teaching in conventional way is always best the best way.You may be using a White/ Black or a Glass Board for doing the same.

 You can record yourself while doing the same. You may record yourself teaching in live class or can record yourself with no students actually being present in front of you and you teaching just the camera. 

A White-board software

It does the same function as its physical counterparts, but it does it digitally. You can download a whiteboard software, and connect it with digital pen and digital tab to write on it, if your laptop is not touchscreen. Digital pen and digital tab allows you to write on screen/ control the cursor just like a mouse or a track-pad.

Digital Pen/ Digital Tab

Just as mentioned above it is required if you want to write notes on screen just like your handwritten notes. It gets integrated with your system as an alternative mouse. But gives an option to write more accurately as compared to if you try to write with mouse/ track-pad. It will cost you around Rs 4000- 5000 for a basic version.

Recording Techniques:-

You may use below methods or integrate below methods in one video to make your online classes

A Talking head Video

A talking head video is simply a video of you talking in front of a camera and describing / teaching/ instructing the details of your subject or course.

Screen-Recording Presentations/ Lectures

You can record you PowerPoint presentations, Notes, Whiteboard software and give voice over narration for the same. You may also use picture in picture view if you feel that it would give student more clarity if student will be able to see you as he/she watches your video. But if you are camera shy you may avoid recording your video.

Recording Lectures

Using this method you may avoid may technical aspects of making an online lectures using techniques like screen recordings and making PowerPoint presentations, using a digital pen etc .You may be using a White/ Black or a Glass Board instead.

 You can record yourself while teaching in traditional way. You may record yourself teaching in live class or can record yourself with no students actually being present in front of you and you teaching just the camera.

Post recording 

Once you complete recording you videos you might want to edit some portions and make it more presentable, You can do the same by using Video editing software which are easily available on many websites. Some of them may be paid while other can be free.

Once you are fully done with your recording and post recording aspects, you can upload your classes for sale on Edubiz Solutionz for sale or even to teach free of cost for those who need.

To know the registration process you can go to mentor registration blog on the website. To register as an mentor on website you may go to Start Teaching Link on home page of the website.

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