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Getting Started
September 2018
Ankit Kapoor

Getting Started

—  To get more views and increase sales of your videos, you need to make an engaging course with well structured and planned content.

—  Prepare an outline about the course describing how many lectures will it contain, How much would be duration of full course and each lecture.

—  Next step is to prepare a script for the lectures so that you know what you need to say during the lecture and to avoid re-recording lectures due to mistakes and increase smoothness of the course.

Recording Methods and Techniques

—  Lectures could be recorded in various ways such as :

—  Recording a video of yourself explaining the content.

—  Screen-recording  and narrating the description using voice recording options.

—  Screen-recording  along with video of yourself in Picture-in-picture view.

—  Recording yourself while teaching on black or whiteboard.

—  Recording screen while using hardware equipments like digital pen.

—  Using a combination of above options.

—  Some of the instruments which helps to record the classes are:

—  Microphones.

—  You may use hands free of your phone or can buy from websites like Flipkart or Amazon.

—  Camera.

—  You may use camera of your phone or use Laptop’s camera/webcam or can buy from websites like Flipkart or Amazon.

—  Screen-recording Software.

—  Software like Quicktime player, Screen-o-Matic, Camtasia, could be used and many other are available for screen-recording. Some of them being paid and some being free.

—  Digital Pen.

—  Digital pen and digital pad are available from companies like HUION and WACOM and many more and in various price range.

Some other important aspects


—  Form padding on walls helps to reduce echo of voice.

—  Curtains also helps to reduce voice echo.

—  Making a funnel of a foam pad and placing you microphone equipment in it also helps to reduce voice-echo around microphone.

—  See as many videos on Youtube to see what more options are available to improve the lectures.

—  Mobile-phone holder/Tripod helps provide a stable recording experience

—  Using a green-screen or blue-screen background gives you option to change the back ground with software like OBS, Camtesia.

—  Using two screens helps to have recording content on one and while second could be used as a teleprompter.

—  Have a smooth and eye-catching background while recording yourself in a talking head videos.

Thanks & Regard
Ankit Kapoor